Humans. We'll tap anything!

It shouldn't be surprising, really. When it comes to sex, we'll hit on anything to get off. Vegetables, clothing, alternate body parts, glory holes, elaborate toys of all materials and other substitutes far too mind-blowing to consider: all are fair game for the human animal to toy with.

It's hardly a shocker then, to hear that recent evidence has been revealed in support of the theory that humans (homo sapiens) cross-bred with neanderthals and other species of early man. Anyone who has ever seen Quest for Fire with it's impromptu scene of doggy-style cavemen humping could have told you that, but now at least we have DNA proof.

Goes to show how adaptable we are at fulfilling a need any way we can. Face it, our ancestors were as much pervs as we are today. After all, we're only human.


  1. I am not at all surprised... Man has been acting on his nature for far too long to develop such a kink belatedly! LOL


  2. It's true Kazi, we try to ignore it, but the fact is, that deep down we're animals acting on primal instincts.