Definitely NOT the Yellow Pages!

What happens when you let your fingers do the walking
through something other than the Yellow Pages?

Fitting Room

"How are you making out in there?" The bubbly voice of the salesgirl called out to me in the fitting room.

"I'm not making out at all," I said, laughing at the innuendo in our words.

"Let me know if I can help you with that." Again, her tone was light and playful.

I opened the thin door of the cubicle and there she stood in front of me. Slender and at maybe five-two she was a compact bundle of energy. I liked her from the minute she began serving me. She had toffee-coloured skin and blonde highlights sprinkled throughout the tight brown curls of her hair. Her black and gold-striped blouse stretched tight across her chest at the point where a tiny, flimsy-looking button held everything in place. Above the button was a generous display of cleavage and to the left of that a store name-tag announced to those who could be distracted by such things that the young woman's name was Deanna. Her full lips were stretched wide in a warm smile revealing even white teeth.

"Not too snug in the waist?" Deanna placed two fingers inside the belt-line of the jeans I was trying on and gave a good tug. Her other hand had found its way onto my hip and rested there quite comfortably.

"They might be a little tight in some places," I said, feeling the stirrings of arousal. Would I have to douse this good mood to avoid embarrassing myself with her?

Deanna looked up aiming her wide, pleasant smile right at me. "Maybe we should check this out in the mirror."

She gave me a small push, gently shoving me back inside the fitting room as she pulled the door shut behind her. She stood beside me and in the mirror I watched her reach across to trace a finger up my inseam. "Plenty of length in the leg," she said, her voice soft and low. Was it my imagination or was she almost purring? When her fingers reached my crotch I shifted around awkwardly and her smile widened.

Fast Web Browsers Rule for Porn Surfing

So much porn, so little time. When it comes to finding all the porn the web has to offer, surfing speed is essential. Hi-speed Internet connections are a given, but can a browser give you an edge in performance that ultimately leads to greater satisfaction? You bet!

The Joys of Self-made Porn

Would you cum on Carol Cox?
Dig around long enough and eventually, you'll find every possible kink and fetish on the internet.  And if you dig deeply enough you'll discover a large enough following for said kinks and fetishes to be considered movements.

For a number of years I've enjoyed sampling from the wide variety of amateur porn available. In that category, as with all categories, there are distinct subsets. With the introduction of cellphone cams and other affordable digital cameras available it didn't take long for the category of "self-shot" porn to become popular. That's where the subject(s) (in various states of undress) either turns the camera on themselves or takes a picture of themselves in a mirror. There is a high volume of this form of amateur product mostly of younger women (although some men do it too), and of course rising up in response is yet another subset of the "self-shot" genre of men wanking off onto these and other photos of women.