Humans. We'll tap anything!

It shouldn't be surprising, really. When it comes to sex, we'll hit on anything to get off. Vegetables, clothing, alternate body parts, glory holes, elaborate toys of all materials and other substitutes far too mind-blowing to consider: all are fair game for the human animal to toy with.

It's hardly a shocker then, to hear that recent evidence has been revealed in support of the theory that humans (homo sapiens) cross-bred with neanderthals and other species of early man. Anyone who has ever seen Quest for Fire with it's impromptu scene of doggy-style cavemen humping could have told you that, but now at least we have DNA proof.

Goes to show how adaptable we are at fulfilling a need any way we can. Face it, our ancestors were as much pervs as we are today. After all, we're only human.

A spanking good time!

Spank me! Do I have your attention? Are you into spanking? And from what end? Would you rather give or receive? Something Jim Linderman said in a recent post on his Vintage Sleaze blog intrigued me.
"Nothing drives traffic to my site more than some poor woman being slapped. I really don't know why..."
What is it about spanking that drives so much traffic? Sure, I've enjoyed the odd pic or two of a woman bent over, her knickers down, in the midst of having her bottom warmed by a few licks. And once or twice I've even been lucky enough to have played a part in such scenes. However, I avoid the extremes. I'm turned off by the photos where the marks are bloody welts, and when I play, I do it for sensation and arousal, not for pain. For me, such games have always served as a warm up rather than the main event.

Perhaps I haven't found the right partner for that sort of thing. There's a certain amount of desire and commitment required to cross that fine line between pleasure and pain. I can understand why it so often manifests in the form of a lifestyle. But like so many pleasures I can take it or leave it as the mood strikes me. There's little about sex, or kink that doesn't attract or arouse me, but none of it is essential to my getting off.

What about you? Does spanking play a part in your intimacy? How necessary is it to your own pleasure?