Dressing Right

To dress left or dress right? It's known in some circles as a tailoring term with regards to a gentleman's anatomy and how it is situated within one's trousers. Usually there isn't a great of thought given to any choice about how it's hanging, but this satirical blog post sheds some insight as to how dressing right or dressing left affect's one's point of view.

Sinful Sunday
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Seriously? Who hasn't used visual aids at least once?

My Carol Cox collage.
Is it really is just a guy thing? There are endless debates about the percentage of men and women who use images during masturbation and there may be some validity to that. Certainly I'll admit to enjoying a little assist from a few raunchy images more often than relying on my imagination alone.

In an earlier post I spoke of a blogging niche for "cum tribute" pictures where guys post or share pics of themselves unloading their own money-shots on images of women (I'm sure there are probably some guys doing the same with pictures of men too). In some cases they choose celebrities, wives or girlfriends or are sharing their pictures of gf's and spouses and asking others to "tribute" them and share back. And, if the posts can be believed, there are even a large number of women eager to see their own pictures covered in cum by strange men.