Fitting Room

"How are you making out in there?" The bubbly voice of the salesgirl called out to me in the fitting room.

"I'm not making out at all," I said, laughing at the innuendo in our words.

"Let me know if I can help you with that." Again, her tone was light and playful.

I opened the thin door of the cubicle and there she stood in front of me. Slender and at maybe five-two she was a compact bundle of energy. I liked her from the minute she began serving me. She had toffee-coloured skin and blonde highlights sprinkled throughout the tight brown curls of her hair. Her black and gold-striped blouse stretched tight across her chest at the point where a tiny, flimsy-looking button held everything in place. Above the button was a generous display of cleavage and to the left of that a store name-tag announced to those who could be distracted by such things that the young woman's name was Deanna. Her full lips were stretched wide in a warm smile revealing even white teeth.

"Not too snug in the waist?" Deanna placed two fingers inside the belt-line of the jeans I was trying on and gave a good tug. Her other hand had found its way onto my hip and rested there quite comfortably.

"They might be a little tight in some places," I said, feeling the stirrings of arousal. Would I have to douse this good mood to avoid embarrassing myself with her?

Deanna looked up aiming her wide, pleasant smile right at me. "Maybe we should check this out in the mirror."

She gave me a small push, gently shoving me back inside the fitting room as she pulled the door shut behind her. She stood beside me and in the mirror I watched her reach across to trace a finger up my inseam. "Plenty of length in the leg," she said, her voice soft and low. Was it my imagination or was she almost purring? When her fingers reached my crotch I shifted around awkwardly and her smile widened.

"Yes, I see," Deanna said. "It is a little tight right in here. But I can fix that."

She reached up and grasped the stiff zipper pulling it open in a slow teasing motion. I let out a gasp not knowing what else to say or do. Beyond the flimsy door of the fitting room I knew the sales floor of the store had been nearly deserted. It was a sleepy weekday morning, long past Christmas and all the after season sales, so we were unlikely to be disturbed. My luck, being what it normally is, I expected the magic moment between us to be shattered by a rapping on the door from some customer or manager. I waited for it but the spell remained unbroken, shifting into a deeper sensation as Deanna slipped her small hand into the now open jeans I had been trying on.

I cupped my hand under her chin then tilted her head up towards mine and kissed her large full lips, something I'd wanted to do since she'd first approached me. Her fingers found my rapidly swelling cock and Deanna gave me a firm squeeze that made me stiffen even more. I fumbled with the tiny button on her blouse releasing the taut fabric from across her chest. Her breasts, each a good handful, were thrust up by a crimson-coloured bra which fastened at the front. The clasp took a little more work than the tiny button, however, I soon freed her breasts from their satiny restraint. Her dark nipples pointed out at me rising up from large puffy areoles. I ran my fingertips lightly along Deanna's silky skin, carefully holding my hand so I was only just touching her, balanced on the edge of sensation. Her nipples stiffened further as though pushing out to embrace my touch and I clasped her breasts firmly as I kissed her again. Our tongues twined and her hand tightened its grasp on my engorged flesh and we both began to breathe heavily as our bodies writhed one against the other.

Deanna knelt down in front of me rolling the denim jeans over my hips and down my legs until they were around my knees. She gripped my thighs with her hands and began caressing me, working her way up to my shorts treating them in the same way as she had the jeans. The smile hadn't left her pretty face only now she directed it at the swollen, bobbing head of my erection. Her eyes lit up as she made me twitch and quiver by running a long painted fingernail along the underside of my cock. She teased the soft fleshy sweet spot just below the head. And then she leaned forward, moving fluidly but without haste, and in one single movement she was pressing her still smiling lips up against my cock and then letting it slip inside her smiling face until I was pushing against the back of her throat and her lips were circled round the base of my cock. I was filled with awe and surprise over how quickly and casually she had accomplished the feat.

She reached up and grabbed my hips digging her long fingernails into the cheeks of my ass as she began to slide her mouth up and down over the length of my hard cock. It was soon slick with her saliva and I found myself struggling to stifle the moans and groans rising up within me. She paused only once to look up at me, eyes gleaming, her mouth locked onto the fat, meaty head of my cock as she played with it, flicking and swishing her tongue over me before plunging back down onto my exposed shaft. I gasped, trying to remain silent, trying to resist the urge to begin thrusting deeper into her throat, and trying not to lose it and come too soon.

I was almost at that point of no return when I heard the voices. It was a man and a woman; close and moving much closer. I almost felt as much as heard the doorknob behind me being tried. Thankfully it was locked. Deanna must have taken care of it I know I hadn't thought to. I stood there as though paralyzed. We both strained to listen, feeling somewhat relieved when the door to the cubicle next to us was opened. The other salesclerk was speaking, making the usual offers of assistance if needed. I could place her voice, remembering her as an attractive redhead in her forties who had greeted me at the door. We heard noises as the door was shut and the occupant next to us began to undress. Outside the other sales clerk remained nearby adjusting hangers on a rack maybe ten feet away.

My cock, no longer bathed in Deanna's warm mouth, was going cold and beginning to soften. She wrapped her fingers around it squeezing tightly. I looked down at her and she brought her right index finger up to her still smiling lips signaling me to remain silent. Playfully she rubbed the head of my cock against her breasts teasing first one nipple then the other. The blood came rushing back into my erection and in spite of the clinking and scraping of clothes hangers on the rack outside I began easing myself up and down between Deanna's breasts. I admired the sight of my pale cock nestled within her dark-skinned cleavage, something I'm sure I thought of when I first noticed her but never dreamed would happen under these circumstances.

Deanna sucked on the finger she'd held to her lips getting it moistened up. I'd thought this was in preparation to play with her nipples but soon found otherwise. She snatched at my cock with her other hand and quickly guided me back into her eager mouth. With her right hand she reached back and soon found another target for her moistened finger. I don't know if it was surprise or the fear of discovery lurking immediately outside which kept me silent. My jaw dropped open, my eyes squeezed shut and my body tensed for a moment as I tried not to react to what was happening in any way that might give us away. For a brief instant my imagination grew wings and my heart beat fast with panic as I had a vision of a flurry of activity outside the cubicle, a key being produced, the door behind us being flung open to gasps of astonishment from the red-headed sales clerk and her customer upon discovering me, pants down, my cock stuffed into Deanna's mouth, with her finger up my ass. None of this happened.

Instead, I let out a breath, relaxed, felt Deanna's finger settle inside me and her mouth began to slide up and down on my cock with the same enthusiasm as before. With her free hand she cupped my balls squeezing and kneading them gently as she continued to suck at my cock as though selling me jeans after Christmas depended on it. The door of the cubicle next to us opened and shut a few times. Each time, the sales clerk chatted with her customer, found him more things to try and sent him back in. I didn't care.

In fact, it got my cock even harder. Perversely, it swelled up at the thought of an audience. Soon, I no longer wanted them to go away. In fact, I wanted them to be standing right outside our door when I did come. I wanted to hear them in mid-sentence talking about something totally mundane as my cock pumped out gobs and gobs of sticky come. Hell, I'd like it even better if I could open the door and get them to stop and watch when it happened.

My eyes had been closed as I'd enjoyed all that Deanna was doing to me. It was sweet, the kind of mind-blowing sex you wish could go on forever. I opened my eyes and looked down to see her head bobbing up and down over me. Next to us the door opened again and the red-headed sales clerk and her customer were chatting once more. Something in the sound of her voice, or perhaps the vision of her watching us, took me to the brink. My body tensed and I tapped Deanna on the shoulder not wanting to assume I could just shoot into her mouth. She stopped and looked up at me, her mouth still wrapped around my cock. I was squinting, trying to hold on as I squeezed her shoulder. The corners of her mouth curled back as though she was smiling around the thick shaft of my cock and she gave a tiny nod of her head.

Deanna pulled back off me keeping her mouth over the end of my cock and began pumping my shaft with her hand as she shoved her finger deeper inside me. It was as if she'd found my trigger and I let go. I flooded her mouth with come. Each thrust of her finger made my cock swell up and pump out more. Finally she had to pull her mouth off me but she kept pumping me with her hand and thrusting her finger inside me. A few remaining drops of pearly-white fluid dribbled out of my cock and onto Deanna's fingers. She smiled at me and made a big show of licking her fingers.

I wanted to reciprocate but Deanna pointed out that she'd been off the sales floor a little too long. It took a few minutes for us to compose ourselves to exit the fitting room. For appearance sake I left first taking my jeans up to the register to pay for them. The red-headed sales clerk smiled at me a little oddly making me wonder if she suspected anything about how the sale had been clinched. Maybe it's their standard for good customer relations. No matter, as I was leaving, Deanna mentioned how they'd be having another sale next week.

"Great! I'll come again," I said.

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