Satisfaction Guaranteed? Leave it to the Pros!

Having spent a fair amount of time trolling adult websites, I've often wondered if some of the site members were truly legit. How many times would I get a response to chat from a lady right as my dime was about to expire? Or how about the winks, flirts and nudges from women too good to be true. If only I had a full membership, I could view their full profile and make their acquaintance. Yeah, right.

And what about some of the cammers? Are all these inspired video performances really from enthusiastic amateurs indulging their exhibitionistic homemade porn fantasies? Or is this simply one of five shows nightly plus a matinee on weekends?

Tonight, while chatting up a girl who flirted with me (on a site that guarantees you'll get laid in three months or your money back) she eventually got around to the fact that, with the recession and the poor economy she had started up a service for gentlemen she was meeting online. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for people making ends meet, and on adult chat sites I'm all for people meating ends, but I was rather hoping I could do that without there being a cash transaction involved. You know, aside from the usual shelling out for drinks and what have you.

I wished her well, and gracefully (well, I thought so, anyway) exited the conversation.

And then I got thinking. I mean, I've never paid for it and don't really want to, but you have a chance here to at least have a conversation about that proposition. So I chatted her up again. Just conversation.

What services do you include? Safe sex with condoms she replied.

How about oral or anal I asked. She did do oral, she said, but was an anal virgin.

So no anal, then? No. Damn! I mean, that's not a deal-breaker, but if I'm going to pay for something I'd like what I like, you know?

Further questions revealed that she didn't host, her rates were by the hour, and that the charges were based strictly on time and not on number of "services" performed.

I continued chatting with her, asking various questions about her clients and how she'd gotten into doing this line of work. Overall, it was probably one of the best chats I'd had on that particular adult website.


I don't believe for a minute that she works for the website. No, she's strictly freelance. Still, it must say something when your best experience is with a pro. Pity.

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