Sport Hump!

In honour of it being Wednesday, otherwise known as "Hump-day" I thought I'd share some sport-related pix and links.

As some of you may know, we play a little game in Canada known as Hockey (or "ICE"-hockey as those who know nothing of the game insist on calling it). Tonight marks the start of the Stanley Cup finals between the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins.

I know, I know, you're wondering when do I get to the dirty bits and how do I tie it all to hockey? Here it is, for your inspection some pix from last week's semi-finals in which an inebriated female fan set off a firestorm of controversy for flashing an opposing team's player in the penalty box.

An enthusiastic Canucks fan gets her top off and her game on!

The controversy? Many pundits and social commentators wondered if the young woman in question wasn't setting a bad example of women in sport as objects. Was this really such an issue that the young woman in question should be reviled and subjected to finger-wagging and scorn for setting back the feminist cause? Wasn't it really just high spirits? Would folks react the same way if some guy dropped his pants and mooned the opposing team?

Anti-feminist bimbo or a dedicated fan cheering on her team?
Can we hope for more displays of fan affection during the best of seven final series? If you need more sport hump Canucks celebration then check out this blog dedicated to Canucks Boobs.

Or if you'd like a little more X in the hockey vein check out the video action of this Slavic hockey gal going solo.
Of all the niches in porn this has to be the uh, nichiest.


  1. Who knew hockey 'players' could have so much fun?!

    And, GO BOSTON!! LOL

  2. Top one is typical Vancouver...too stoned to realize how cold it is.