My Roberta Pedon Squidoo Lens Got "Locked"

What you see below is the content from the Squidoo Lens I set up about Roberta Pedon. She was a pin-up queen from the seventies, and I thought might hold some appeal to fans of retro culture. I tried to be careful to select images that weren't offensive, however, the puritanical powers-that-be at Squidoo decided my content was too "Adult"  or "X-rated" and shut me down. 

Since I can't display it on Squidoo, I'm presenting this and any future retro-erotic content here without censoring myself. Enjoy!

A Rival, Perhaps, to Bettie Page?

One of the most recognizable nude models of the 70's, Roberta Pedon burst on the scene for a few brief years, captured hearts and imaginations, then mysteriously disappeared. The record which remains of her exists in the numerous photos traded around online in various forums or sought after in the now highly collectible men's magazines in which she appeared.

At first glance her most obvious asset was her slender, busty figure. However, it could be argued that, like Ms. Page, Roberta Pedon's chief appeal as a model was due to the way she lit up most pictures with her charm. Her slightly crooked smile and her way of gazing into the camera as though meeting the eyes of the viewer evokes the same mystique as that of Bettie Page. The two women also tread along similar paths as aspiring actresses forced into toiling just beyond the fringes of legitimate entertainment. In today's society, where porn has taken a more prominent position, and in some cases crossed over into mainstream culture, this isn't as great a stigma as it was in the 50's and 70's. For both women, the nature of their circumstances likely resulted in a certain amount of isolation and silent suffering.

For Bettie Page it led to battles with mental illness including institutionalization. For Roberta, her inner demons led to struggles with drug addiction and prostitution to support her habits.

Roberta and Bettie always shone when the camera pointed their way.

Porn came of age in the 70's
A great many men's publications flourished during this time.

Roberta Pedon's modeling career was brief, lasting a little over two years from '73 to '75. She appeared in numerous publications during her career and her photos were repackaged many times in the years which followed. As was a common practice during this period she appeared under a variety of aliases. "Roberta", "Robin", "Sam", "Melody O'Hare" and many other variations.

A partial list of publications she appeared in include:

Candid, Calvacade, Fling, Gent, Whoppers, Peaches, Tiger, Juicy, Gem, BUF, Scoop, Pushovers and Best For Men.

Slender but stacked, Roberta was a popular favourite in 70's men's magazines.

Sexploitation Cinema
Check out Roberta in Delinquent Schoolgirls!

This 1975 film has been released under several other names (Carnal Madness, Delinquent College Girls, Scrubbers 2) and is Roberta Pedon's only "mainstream" film performance.

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