Seriously? Who hasn't used visual aids at least once?

My Carol Cox collage.
Is it really is just a guy thing? There are endless debates about the percentage of men and women who use images during masturbation and there may be some validity to that. Certainly I'll admit to enjoying a little assist from a few raunchy images more often than relying on my imagination alone.

In an earlier post I spoke of a blogging niche for "cum tribute" pictures where guys post or share pics of themselves unloading their own money-shots on images of women (I'm sure there are probably some guys doing the same with pictures of men too). In some cases they choose celebrities, wives or girlfriends or are sharing their pictures of gf's and spouses and asking others to "tribute" them and share back. And, if the posts can be believed, there are even a large number of women eager to see their own pictures covered in cum by strange men.

Pre-cum: enjoying the view.
I also mentioned an amateur (semi-pro? pro?) porn star named Carol Cox who was encouraging guys to "tribute" her own pictures and send them back to her. She promised that she would feature such pictures on her own site.

If you've followed my blog, you'll know that I haven't exactly been shy about revealing myself. Yet, despite my easy-going exhibitionism, I have wavered for some time over whether or not to do a "tribute" pics post. There is something incredibly sleazy about using and then sharing another person's image as a part of your own sexual gratification (especially if consent hasn't been given). And of course, it's that illicit aspect which is probably so arousing about doing the tribute pics.

Since Carol Cox has offered an open invitation, I thought what the hell. Why not give it a shot? (sorry, couldn't resist the bad pun.) So, here it is. Is it vile? Nasty? Pathetic? Arousing? Many of you who read my blog are bloggers sharing your own pics, how would you feel if someone wanted to "tribute" your pictures?  I'm curious to know what others think about the "tribute" pics concept and welcome your comments and hopefully some discussion.

The dénouement. Feeling sated... for now.

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  1. Very interesting and thoughtful post. Is it nasty or vile? No, of course not, it just just another part of our complex sexual human nature. Images are very stimulating and I have certainly used them in the past to get the blood flowing so to speak, usually to stimulate my imagination at which point I would close my eyes and let the fantasy task over from the image that sparked it.

    As you know, I am one of those sex bloggers you mentioned above. I enjoy my self photography and sharing my images with others but I have to say I mainly do it for me, I get great staisfaction from getting a shot just right and if someone else can get something out of it too then that is the icing on the cake.

    I have never had anyone tell me they have tributed my pictures but I would be cool with it if they did, its pretty flattering and there is something sexy about knowing that your picture made someone not only hard but cum too!!


    Ps...Did I mention that I adore cum....I am a self confessed cumslut

  2. Ditto. Though I must say I think I'd prefer someone writing to me about what they did while looking at my photo rather than showing me. I think it's one of those things that are probably just better in my head. I like your first shot -- before you shoot -- the best;-)

  3. I would find that extremely sexy if someone did that for me

  4. Whilst I don't tend to use static images to 'get off' myself, preferring either the written word or a moving image, I can see the appeal.

    I've had a couple men tell me they've used my images, and it's a bit of a thrill, yes! I'm just as happy they don't show me afterwards though, I'm fine with using my imagination for that.

  5. Molly, I love that you adore cum, and I would love to flatter you! ;)

    DDD, I agree that a dialogue/correspondence about sex can be as strongly arousing as an image. Fantasy is often better left in the imagination.

    NIHH, I would be quite happy to oblige you with an extremely sexy gift.

    KaziGrrl, which images would it thrill you the most to know were used in such a way?

  6. I usually get turned on by taking and posting the pictures, but yes, I wont deny the thought of someone getting off over them is hot. I don't think it is vile at all. If the pictures are freely posted and the person definately has no issue with it, what is the harm?

  7. Been there Done that - and had similar thoughts too, Frankie. In my case, I was following orders lol and I didn't enjoy the process or the results - for me there was something a little distasteful, impersonal, souless and 'dirty' about it all. Of course, I still masturbate to hot shots of hot ladies but make sure I shoot off target :)

  8. Jennifer, I agree there's no harm when permission is being granted. Sadly, on some of the COPP sites that isn't always the case.

    Clive, I think the "dirty" part is what lends its appeal. Soulless and impersonal, definitely when no relationship exists between the two parties.