Dressing Right

To dress left or dress right? It's known in some circles as a tailoring term with regards to a gentleman's anatomy and how it is situated within one's trousers. Usually there isn't a great of thought given to any choice about how it's hanging, but this satirical blog post sheds some insight as to how dressing right or dressing left affect's one's point of view.

Sinful Sunday
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  1. Although it seems in your case to be dressing all over....


  2. Looks like quite the handful no matter which side you pick!

    And as to that post... it's all in the mind. I should point out that it's the opposite side of the brain that controls a given side of the body. Therefore, only us lefties can be said to be in our right minds!!

  3. I agree with the above ;-)

  4. LOL fascinating - I have just spent the last 5 minutes trying to work out which way I dress - then I drifted back to pocket pool :). An interesting week you had :)

  5. So what are the ladies supposed to shift right or left?